Rhodes Skincare 53


 Reversing and reducing sun damage.. Can you really?

 FORESEEN SHIELD NOPAL or THE BARBARY FIG     commonly known as THE PRICKLY PEAR and found     originally in MEXICO,  contains all the richness of the     species from where they came,  and known to have   31 benefits.

As this cactus protects itself from the hot dry elements from where it grows, so can it protect our skin from the UV rays with the use of bio-technology.
Taking just 2mm of the cactus without hurting the plant and harvesting it in a laboratory with no pollution, no oxidisation, no soil or fertiliser and the minimum water, the benefits of the cactus are maximised. The plant cells are then extracted to be used in our skincare to limit the numerous bad effects induced by the UV rays which damage the skin, and make it age more quickly. Using this plant cell technology it has been shown in clinical trials to decrease the production of Melanin which creates the dark spots, as well as increasing the skin’s tolerance, and defence system. Also the cells keep on regenerating and repairing tissue, keeping skin better protected and looking younger.

We are dedicated to to limit ageing due to UV rays without overuse of the very chemical sun blocks.