RADISH ROOTSRadish skincare ingredient


Why does our skin all of a sudden have a reaction to creams that we could tolerate perfectly well for years?
It is when we get older, and the body changes that there are all sorts of things that set off a reaction, and cause the skin to breakout with red rashes, flaky dry patches, pimples and worse.
ALL CREAMS need to be preserved to make sure they don’t go off, curdle or spoil in any way, and It is often the PRESERVATIVES in skincare formulations that skin has a tantrum about.
Chemical preservatives are often very strong, in order to keep the product stable for years, particularly brands that are stacked in the large stores, or shipped worldwide.
This is why parabens were so popular as they would keep the product stable for many many years. However, once they were linked to breast cancer, (although not 100% proven), it was enough for us to take up the challenge to find something else in its place.
It is more important to keep our formulations healthy.

We were introduced to a liquid derived from radish roots several years ago which was found to perform really well, and that is what we use. The downside is that your product is probably only kept good for just over 6 months from opening, so you simply must not just use it on special occasions!
We recommend you use it every day, as there is plenty in each bottle for 6 months!