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Pure efficiency.

Active Plant Cell Technology only requires a few millimetres of an original plant species to develop thousands of new active cells.

As a result, no soil and minimal water are used, meaning they are free from pesticides and pollutants as the active ingredients are cultivated in pure environments. By not being exposed to atmospheric pollution, they retain their maximum potency which makes them much more efficient.

Technology working with nature.

We use some of the world’s rarest botanic ingredients, whilst respecting the planet’s biodiversity, using minimal resources (controlled humidity and absolutely no soil).

Pure. Sustainable. Efficient.

By cultivating our active ingredients this way It prevents unnecessary mass harvesting, which saves rare species and helps maintain our planet's delicate eco-system.

7 Active Plant Cells. 6 products.

We believe that skincare should be simple, not complicated. That's why our range only consists of 6 products for your entire skincare routine.


Our formulations have been expertly crafted to ensure they work effectively on ALL skin types, including sensitive to troubled.

Barbary Fig plant cells can be found in

Himalayan Edelweiss Plant Cells can be found in

The complete range

Here is our complete range, with each of our products, their uses, benefits - as well as the key active plant cells contained in each of them.

Find out more about each of our products containing Active Plant Cells

Madonna Lily can be found in

The Madonna Lily and Frankincense Hand & Nail Cream

Desert Rose can be found in

The Desert Rose Face Wash

Summer Snowflake can be found in

The Himalayan Edelweiss Face Rescue

Juniper Berry can be found in

The Juniper Berry Cleanser & Toner

Indian Olibanum (Frankincense) can be found in

The Madonna Lily & Frankincense Hand & Nail Cream