It’s all natural.

I came across the Rhodes Skincare products earlier in the year and was enticed by the lovely scent emanating from the stand at a show. I bought the ‘Foaming Body Polish’ and the ‘Revitalising Body Balm’ – both of which have been fantastic. The body polish quickly disappeared into my 12 year old daughters bathroom following our summer holiday, as it’s brilliant at making skin bright and smooth again when it’s a bit dry and I’m very happy for her to use it as it’s all natural. The body balm is definitely mine though as I love both the refreshing scent and it’s light but nevertheless super moisturising effect. I can use it straight after a shower and get dressed immediately as it absorbs so quickly. I have reordered both products and have also ‘converted’ my sister who asked about my glowing skin. I’d say that anyone considering the body balm should go straight for the 200ml size, you won’t regret it!