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Ingredients explained
Rhodes Skincare 20

Soothes and promotes skin renewal and beneficial for troubled skin

Almonds skincare ingredient

For softening the skin it is light and penetrates the skin easily. It is naturally rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E.

Aloe vera skincare ingredient
Aloe Vera

Used for wound healing, cooling & moisturising

Alpine apple skincare ingredient
Alpine Apple Oil

The apples are grown in the foothills of the Italian alps, producing seeds that have a particularly good source of fatty acids making it highly moisturising and nourishing.

Apricot tree with fruits skincare ingredients

Softens fine lines

Argan skincare ingredient

Used for centuries by the Berber women in Morocco for nourishing and smoothing skin, rich in Vitamin E, and A, and OMEGA 6. Helps to reduce wrinkles and fight ageing

Avocado skincare ingredients

We use a special blend of avocado oil that helps to promote cell regeneration.

Rhodes Skincare 53
Barbary Fig Plant Cells

Reduces the numerous bad effects of the sun which can damage and age skin. Aggressed epidermis cells age more quickly. Barbary fig protects skin cells by limiting the creation of free radicals, decreasing the production of melanin caused by uv and increasing the tolerance of skin.

Chamomile skincare ingredient

Offers soothing and calming properties

Lemons skincare ingredients

Organic essential oil.

Coconut skincare ingredient

Provides moisturising and conditioning benefits

Rhodes Skincare 51
Desert Rose Plant Cells

Super-hydrating – rebuilds and improves the hydrolipidic film for soft & supple skin

Rhodes Skincare 18
Evening Primrose Oil

Nutritious plant oil that helps to maintain the moisture barrier. Ideal to help, soothe and protect dry skin

Rhodes Skincare 3
Frankincense Plant Cells

Keeps water in the outer layer of the skin to maintain hydration and increase cell regeneration to limit irritations and slow down general cell oxidation. It maintains the skin’s maximum balance needed, to be better hydrated for more supple and stronger skin. Also known as Indian Oilbanum.

Geranium skincare ingredient

Organic essential oil.

Grapeseed natural skincare ingredient

Restores elasticity

Rhodes Skincare 19
Himalayan Edelweiss

Limits bad uv ray effects which age and damage the skin. Limits the creation of free radicals, decreases melanin production and increases tolerance, thereby protecting skin cells. It tightens sagging neck & lifts cheeks, smoothes crows feet & wrinkles as well as protecting against pollution and uv radiation.

Skincare Molecular Structure
Hyaluronic Acid

Provides optimum moisture to ensure soft, smooth, hydrated and elastic skin.

Jasmine skincare ingredient

Organic essential oil.

Jojoba natural skincare ingredient

A rich, highly penetrating oil and natural soothing agent with natural anti-oxidants.

Rhodes Skincare 50

Promotes skin cell renewal process by decreasing melanin and helps expel it from the epidermis, preventing & decreasing dark spots

Rhodes Skincare 17
Lupin Seed Coatings

A patented ingredient that not only has the ability to increase type I collagen, which diminishes with age, but also promotes the production of a high quality collagen that gives skin its firmness and elasticity.

Rhodes Skincare 4
Macca Root

Anti-ageing, energising and stimulates cellular renewal

Rhodes Skincare 16
Madonna Lily Plant Cells

Prevents & decreases dark sun spots also boosts cell renewal

Meadowfoam skincare ingredient

Superior moisturising and conditioning properties without being greasy

Rhodes Skincare 15
Olive Oil

High concentration of fatty acids has led to its reputation in helping skin regeneration.

Rhodes Skincare 14
Papaya Fruit Extract Enzymes

Ability to lift and slough off dead cells from the skin surface to brighten and even skin tone

Rose Oil skincare ingredients
Rose Oil

Organic Coeur de Rose natflor – eco-cert fragrance.

Rosehip skincare ingredient for exfoliating.
Rosehip Seed Oil

Top antioxidant high in vitamins F & A, Omega 3 & 6. Can also treat damaged skin

Shea butter nuts skincare ingredients
Shea Butter

Soothes, protects and softens skin.

Rhodes Skincare 24
Summer Snowflake

Originating from Asia, it grows in the mountains of central Europe between 900 and 3000 metres

Rhodes Skincare 46

Known for its soothing, moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties. Also rich in natural Vitamin E.

Almonds skincare ingredient
Sweet Almond Oil

Skin softening properties rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 & E.

Wheatgerm natural skincare ingredient

Rich in Pro Vitamin A, and Vitamin E.

Rhodes Skincare 13
Wild Sea Fennel

Top anti-oxidant, regenerates cells to rejuvenate and energise skin