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Rhodes Skincare
The established natural botanical skincare brand

Our Story

Behind Rhodes Skincare are two sisters with years of experience in the beauty business. Annabel worked with Neal’s Yard in the 80s and helped launch Eileen Malone’s fabulous Euphoria range in 1998/99.

Around the same time Penny’s husband’s skin suffered badly whilst being treated with chemotherapy. Penny could not find anything at that time on the market that his skin did not have an adverse reaction to. They turned to Eileen to help them steer through what to avoid and why.  They discovered by using natural ingredients (predominantly plant based) his skin recovered fully.

Inspired by this experience they decided to create their own range of plant based natural products, using the knowledge that a small repertoire of products containing exquisite ingredients is all you need to help restore your skin and to keep it healthy.

They set up their business in 2004, putting their names behind a very personal brand that not only works on all skin types but was also 100% sustainable, packaged in GLASS bottles and SUGARCANE tubes and bottles – all 100% recyclable

“Our dream is that our customers trust us because they know that what we say is true. They choose us again and again because they have the skin they dream of. Our passion for skin care comes with one vital caveat…just as we put our trust in the power of nature to keep our skin beautiful and healthy, so we must respect and nurture our planet. We believe strongly that less is more. If the ingredients are right, they will deliver.”

Penny and Annabel

Rhodes Skincare is the love child of Rhodes to Heaven, a range first launched in 2004. The Rhodes sisters, drawing on the newest advances in beauty combined with their ethos to constantly update and improve, have worked tirelessly to create an exciting niche brand.