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Rhodes Skincare

I can’t imagine life without them!

I was delighted to discover your products two years ago. No frills and no false promises, their products are effective and a pleasure to use. I can’t imagine life without them!

Carolyn, London

I truly love your product!

Frantically now applying ‘wrinkle filler’!!! but feels good! I’ve criss-crossed most of the world in my 65 years, and tried most product in the process! Can truly say am simply in love with yours and proud to have an increasing amount of the ‘R’ line on my dressing table and bathroom! and is making the perfect gift for my special friends!! (I don’t usually give presents to anyone other than animals these days!!!!)

Marcia, Wiltshire

Probably the only hand cream I buy…

…as it dissolves into my sore hands after gardening, in seconds. Can’t stand greasy stuff. Also it seems to help my rather untidy, unkept nails.


I wont use anything else ever again…..

No more watery eyes… shine manageable hair without the itchy scalp… silky moisturisers that you need so little of…and I simply cannot live without your products.

Mrs A Clarke, Gloucestershire

Loving loving loving all these products.

They are so easy to use and they all do more than one thing and really are all natural and smell wonderful.

Ceri Campbell, Celebrity Stylist

The products are a delight to use.

I just had to write to say how much I love using  your beauty products!
I discovered them one November at The Spirit Of Christmas exhibition at Olympia.
I adore the Juniperberry Cleanser and Tonic and suffer withdrawal symptoms if I run out. The hand cream is yummy too.
I also bought the All In One face cream and find it sits beautifully under my make up.
I am so pleased I stopped by that Saturday afternoon. The products are a delight to use.

Karen Mcleod, a huge fan

Thanks so much!

I have a history of eczema, sometimes under control, more often not. Then I met Annabel and started using Rhodes wonderful, chemical free, products. I no longer suffer from eczema – thanks so so much.


They are safe for my skin…

I have enjoyed the luxury of using Rhodes Skincare beauty products for a number of years now, in the knowledge that they are safe for my skin. I have also recommended their products to friends who love Rhodes Skincare as much as I do!

D. Dacre Lacy, London

Highly recommended!

I’ve been using the Orange Skin Food for a couple of years now and love this product. I like the consistency, it’s rich without being greasy, there’s no irritating smell and a little goes a long way, and – most important – my skin, less youthful than it was unfortunately, feels soft and supple again. Highly recommended!

Sara, SE24

I will not live without it!

I have used Rhodes Skincare products for several years after realising that organic foodstuffs were not enough and what you put on your body is just as important what you put in it. I love the Juniper Berry cleanser as it removes all make up without stripping your skin and the orange skin food light is a fantastic summer moisturiser.  I will not live without it!

Julie, Surrey