Alcohol rubs, sanitisers and constant washing all contribute to dry sore hands, and a lot of hand creams with drying petroleum bases make it worse.

Our Madonna Lily and Frankincense Hand and Nail Cream is formulated with Meadowfoam oil – which is not overly greasy – calming Chamomile, and Hydra Soothing Indian Olibanum, (Frankincense) using plant cell technology, that retains ALL its benefits. It restores, hydrates, soothes and heals, resulting in a deeply moisturising non-greasy cream, that lasts all day. Madonna Lily reduces and reverses the damage from the sun.

We have had outstanding testimonials from the nurses at St Mary’s Hospital, and the nurses and carers at The Elms care home in Bembridge, when we donated as many as we could. Their hands were raw, and our combination of Frankincense, Chamomile and Madonna Lily healed their hands in no time.