Hydration certainly plumps – you see a dried-up drooping rubber plant become transformed the moment it has been watered!

COLLAGEN is the other plumper – but should you inject it – eat it – or rub it on if a cream contains it?

The science is still in its infancy, there is not much quality control surrounding these claims and there is much conflict of interest. I know of at least one cream that claims to ‘plump’ up the skin, but it fails to say that it only works for ONE HOUR!

Thank goodness ‘Green Science’ has kicked in and the patented active ingredient of LUPIN SEED COATINGS have shown in their clinical trials to have the ability to not only increase the synthesis of Type 1 Collagen, which diminishes with age, but also to prompt the production of high quality collagen that gives skin firmness and elasticity.

That’s the ingredient answer for me, without a doubt.