I want to tell you about our ingredient LAKESIS, which has been studied thoroughly and considered to be the new youth protein to combat ageing.

The resinous sap of the PISTACIA LENTISCUS TREE was identified in 2005 on the Greek island of Chios and named ‘Klotho’ (in reference to the Greek goddess Clotho who in mythology “spins the thread of life”). You can see in the image above how the sap forms droplets as it falls to the ground, known locally as “Crystal Tears.” –  just so romantic!

A precious oil is then extracted from the crystal drops.
Lakesis reactivates these cellular youth proteins and the result is that the dermis gains density and skin becomes plumped and thicker.
Lakesis is in our Shea Butter based hand cream along with Madonna Lily to reduce and reverse sunspots. Everything that you need to look after your hands.
Incidentally, it is great for feet as well! We wish we’d named it Hand, Nail and Foot cream!