Rhodes Skincare 24‘Energise and rejuvenate while resting’

SUMMER SNOWFLAKE you will see everywhere in the Spring.
Each year there are more and more, (mice permitting!) and this is because they regenerate whilst the bulbs sleep during the rest of the year.

By using Plant Cell Technology, one can extract the natural aqueous extracts from the bulbs in their dormant stage and transfer the benefits of dormancy from the plant’s cells to skin.

THE BENEFITS are to slow down the cells’ ageing, and to preserve the skin cells’ youth. Resulting in a younger, healthier, balanced and more beautiful appearance, as well as increasing the skin’s softness.

DORMIN TECHNOLOGY¬† The bulbs need sleep to prepare the plant for rejuvenation and allow themselves to restore energy, re-charge and rejuvenate. It is just the same way that we need sleep, to feel and look so much better afterwards.¬† What I didn’t know before was the fact that getting at least 7 hours sleep is life altering, and a direct link has been found with sleeping and our skin’s ability to synthesise COLLAGEN!¬† How fabulous is that?

GIVE YOUR SKIN CELLS THE REST THEY NEED.Summer Snowflake - Rhodes Skincare