Rhodes Skincare 44Using Sugarcane packaging instead of plastic was not an option…It was a responsibility.

Using packaging that was 100% sustainable is an integral part of the ethos of the company and we believe that our message of being connected to nature must resonate through to the packaging.
How could we champion nature’s skincare and still be using plastic tubes?

Do you all feel the same…or is it just me who gets so infuriated when I visit the chemist or supermarkets to see rows and rows of plastic tubes and bottles, with products stating the goodness of their ‘natural’ products, their carbon footprint and how they are responsibly sourced. Yet they are still all wrapped up in PLASTIC containers and tubes,
If we can change our packaging as a small company then why can’t these huge companies feel compelled to change theirs?

We changed ALL our packaging last year to sugarcane for our tubes and bottles, and glass ‘airless’ bottles for our creams and Face Oil.
By using the waste product of leaves and stalks that are cut away from the cane and are normally burnt, they can now be re-used and re-cycled.
For as long as people want sugar, there will not be a shortage of the leaves needed to recycle as an alternative to plastic.

We are now delighted to say that we really are 100% sustainable. 

Rhodes Skincare 43

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