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Our products

Rhodes Skincare’s unique collection of products combine Green Science with 100% sustainability. Each one is bursting with plant-based ingredients to give your skin all the multiple benefits it needs.

“All in one, all you need.”

If you are not completely satisfied within 30 days, we will give you a full refund. Terms & Conditions apply.
Rhodes Skincare 4
Macca Root

For fewer wrinkles and enhanced radiance.

Rhodes Skincare 17
Lupin Seeds

For added firmness and elasticity.

Rhodes Skincare 51
Desert Rose

For restoring and improving hydration.

Rhodes Skincare 16
Bright Light Madonna Lily

For preventing and decreasing sun spots.

Rhodes Skincare 19
Himalayan Edelweiss

Protection against air pollution and UV radiation. Tightens and lifts.

Rhodes Skincare 14
Papaya Fruit Extract

For lifting off dead skin cells to brighten and even skin tone.

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Rhodes Skincare is an innovative natural skincare company based in the UK, using plant cell technology to harness the power of nature to transform your skin. Our range of vegan friendly skincare products contain exclusive and rare natural ingredients proven to transform your skin with no impact on the plants we use.

Our passion for the protection of the planet is central to everything that we create.


Rhodes Skincare
products contain 0% of
the following:




Liquid Paraffin

Aggressive preservatives


The green world of Rhodes Skincare will benefit you and the planet.

Rhodes Skincare 8

100% Recyclable

Compostable and recyclable using sugar cane packaging.
Rhodes Skincare 5

Vegan friendly

No Beeswax and no ingredient or product is tested on animals.
Rhodes Skincare 7

Solar production

Our tubes and bottles harness solar power where possible and are 100% sustainable and renewable.
Rhodes Skincare 6

100% Sustainable

We use sugar cane packaging in our bottles and tubes to make them carbon negative.
Rhodes Skincare 10

Animal friendly

None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals.
Rhodes Skincare 9

Active Plant Cell Technology

We use 2mm of root or leaf to harvest an entire crop in a laboratory using no soil, minimum water, no fertiliser and no pollutants, maximising the benefits to you and the planet.

Your products are truly the best! I have been searching for years for good natural face moisturisers and cleansers etc…

Emily, London

Loving loving loving all these products. They are so easy to use and they all do more than one thing…

Ceri Campbell, Celebrity Stylist

I will not buy anything else, ever! I love your  Facial Rescue, it is wonderful on my skin. I cannot…

Jennifer, Hampshire

I wont use anything else ever again….. No more watery eyes… shine manageable hair without the itchy scalp… silky moisturisers…

Mrs A Clarke, Gloucestershire

Makes me feel alive! This product is quite special as I am not very good at looking after my skin!…


Highly recommended! I’ve been using the Orange Skin Food for a couple of years now and love this product. I…

Sara, SE24

“Thank you” Hi, I met you at the Country Life Spring Fair, and Beth took me through your products. I…


A must for the winter months. I first discovered Rhodes Skincare organic products at the Country Living Fair a few…

Pauline Choa

Brilliant Hand & Nail cream I ran out and within a few weeks my nails were dreadful … so once…

Jenny Harrison, Hampshire

I am simply in love! I have criss-crossed the world in my 65 years and have tried most products and…

Marcia Girrard, Wiltshire

Just marvellous! Your Hand & Nail cream is the most brilliant thing on earth…my nails have always been chipped being…

Elizabeth Henley, Andover

Wonderful natural products. I came across Rhodes Skincare by chance, and what a lucky chance that was! It’s terrific to…

Marie, Surrey

A blackhead removing miracle! Your wonderful Juniper Berry Cleanser & Tonic is a Blackhead removing miracle!

Elaine - Isle of Wight

So long lasting and such excellent quality, these are the best products I have ever used, especially the Rose Refining…

Ellie Smith, St Albans

This is a complete winner for me. I can’t speak highly enough of all the Rhodes Skincare products that I…

Susie Kendall

A little really goes a long way! Several years ago by sheer chance, I discovered Rhodes Skincare products whilst wandering…

Rachelle, London

Just amazing! Was given the face exfoliator as a gift from my daughter. It is quite the best I have…

Mrs S Hunt

They are safe for my skin… I have enjoyed the luxury of using Rhodes Skincare beauty products for a number…

D. Dacre Lacy, London

I am over the moon. I am delighted to tell you that I am ‘over the moon’ to have discovered…

Mrs V Wood

I cannot bear to be without this gem of a product… I can’t speak highly enough of all the Rhodes…


It’s all natural. I came across the Rhodes Skincare products earlier in the year and was enticed by the lovely…


I would never use anything else Without Rhodes Skincare my life would be sheer misery. All the products I love,…

Jane Pringle, Dorset

It does everything it says it does…. I think Rhodes to Heaven Hand Nail & Cuticle Cream is the best…

Jocelyn Galsworthy, London

Wish I had used your products sooner! Thrilled with my purchases. The difference in my skin even after three days…

Sarah, Isle of Wight

I will not live without it! I have used Rhodes Skincare products for several years after realising that organic foodstuffs…

Julie, Surrey

It is amazingly effective without being harsh. I have only recently discovered Rhodes to Heaven products and cannot recommend them…

Linzi Wesley

I truly love your product! Frantically now applying ‘wrinkle filler’!!! but feels good! I’ve criss-crossed most of the world in…

Marcia, Wiltshire

Well done, great range of products. I love using Rhodes to Heaven my two favourites are Facial Rescue and the…


Probably the only hand cream I buy… …as it dissolves into my sore hands after gardening, in seconds. Can’t stand…


I completely trust this product. The Juniper Cleanser & Tonic is wonderful… like a Gin & Tonic for the skin!……

Anna, Surrey

My skin always feels fresh and restored! I love using these products. My two favourites are Facial Rescue and the…


Fabulous products that really work. I’m absolute delighted, they do exactly as they say on the label. Great ethical packaging,…

Katie Stephens

Miracle Cream! Whilst on holiday this year I burned quite badly. Recommended to me by a friend, I was armed…

Gareth Breeze

I would recommend it to anyone. I love your Orange Skin Food. It is amazing at soothing irrtated skin, particularly…

Caroline, London

The products are a delight to use. I just had to write to say how much I love using  your…

Karen Mcleod, a huge fan

My sensitive skin is in heaven right now!! Having read about your products, it was great to meet you at…


Well done, great range of products. I love using Rhodes to Heaven my two favourites are Facial Rescue and the…

Melanie Henderson

All in all a very satisfied and happy customer and I would thoroughly recommend these lovely products. Fabulous products that…

Katie Stephens

Amazing rescue remedy in a bottle!! I bought this face moisturiser following a recommendation, and reading about it online. I…

Angela Graeme

Thanks so much! I have a history of eczema, sometimes under control, more often not. Then I met Annabel and…


A must have! My skin has improved enormously, and it is lovely to use due to its purity. It is…

Ann Pilcher

It smells delicious! I have only recently discovered Rhodes Skincare products and cannot recommend them highly enough. Their juniperberry cleanser…

Linzi Wesley

I can’t imagine life without them! I was delighted to discover your products two years ago. No frills and no…

Carolyn, London

No more allergies, no more spots, I just love the Juniper cleanser, and so easy to be able to cleanse…

Sally Drake

Sheer beauty!! How brilliant is your Face Lift cream…The All in one Facial Rescue ! I begin to panic when…


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