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We are an independent UK skincare company, using the latest Plant Cell Technology & focus on sustainability.

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Greener than green

We use ethically sourced sugarcane packaging that is:

- 100% renewable & sustainable

- Carbon negative

- produced using solar energy*

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Pure efficiency

Rhodes skincare products are free from pesticides and pollutants as the active botanics are cultivated in pure environments, maximising their efficiency.

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Powerful, sustainable skincare

We use the latest Plant Cell Technology to deliver the maximum amount of active molecules to benefit your skin and use eco-friendly, fully recyclable and sugar cane packaging.

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Introductory video showing our key ingredients and product benefits.

Our range


Active Plant Cell Technology

Active plant cell technology allows us to extract the key pillars from ancient and rare plant life to deliver their maximum benefits to skin


We use sugar cane packaging in our bottles and tubes that are carbon negative.

100% Recyclable

Our products are 100% recyclable, including our glass bottles. Please remember to separate the recyclable plastic

Solar production

Our tubes and bottles harness solar power where possible and are 100% sustainable and renewable

Vegan friendly

Our products do not contain any animal based ingredients

Animal friendly

None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals


Loving, loving, loving all these products as they are so easy to use and they all do more than one thing and really are all natural and smell wonderful!

Ceril Campbell, Celebrity Stylist

Thrilled with my purchases. The difference in my skin even after three days was amazing. Wish I had used your products sooner!

Sarah, Isle of Wight

So long lasting and such excellent quality, these are the best products I have ever used, especially The Rosehip & Madonna Lily Face Exfoliator and The Desert Rose Face Wash.

Ellie Smith, St Albans

Tight, dehydrated skin?

A soothing cleanser & toner, followed by an advanced moisturiser - a perfect combination to help reduce sun damage.

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Our Customer Service team is available on:

Call: +44 (0)7711 848121