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The Juniper Berry Cleanser, Toner & Eye Makeup

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An ultra-dynamic cleansing toner that removes impurities, shrinks pores, and repairs skin, yet gentle enough to remove all eye makeup.

Plant cell extracts of Global Protect Juniper activate several defence systems to limit, decrease & repair damage caused by pollution & UVB rays that age skin cell DNA.



Saturate a cotton wool pad & wipe over face to remove eye, face make-up & impurities on the skin. Repeat if needed.

For an extra clean finish, use after The Desert Rose Face Wash or The Rosehip & Madonna Lily Face Exfoliator.

Skin feels clean, soothed & protected against environmental aggressions.

Use twice a day (morning & night).

  • Allantoin
  • Aloe Vera
  • Chamomile
  • Juniper


About the product

Formulated with calming chamomile, conditioning coconut and soothing Allantoin for skin renewal and to benefit troubled skin, as well as Aloe Vera for moisturisation and skin repair. Aloe’s soothing, cooling, anti-inflammatory and healing affects are well documented.

Because the Global Protect Common Juniper is cultivated by Plant Cell Technology it has retained a further benefit of helping to reduce open pores and protect the skin against pollution.

Rhodes Skincare 34
What's Inside
Rhodes Skincare 20
Soothes and promotes skin renewal and beneficial for troubled skin
Coconut skincare ingredient
Provides moisturising and conditioning benefits
Rhodes Skincare 50
Promotes skin cell renewal process by decreasing melanin and helps expel it from the epidermis, preventing & decreasing dark spots
Customer Reviews
  • It is a very useful product. Great in the morning for a quick cleanse; in the evening I prefer a creamier cleanser but probably quite good as a finishing toner. I have used it on my eyes; it is perfectly good for removing eye make up.

    Caroline Winstanley (verified owner) on

  • Juniper toner.
    This is brilliant for removing stubborn mascara and removing facial makeup.
    Leaving skin bright and clean.

    Jacklyn (verified owner) on

  • Ii have been using this product for a few years now, repeatedly ordering. It is so efficient and refreshing.

    Helen Cliff on

  • I love this cleanser and toner, it does exactly what it says leaving my skin feeling fresh, clean and bright but not dried out and tight. It is gentle enough to remove eye makeup but still very effective. The smell is delightful. Will never want anything else. Thank you for making this product.

    Elisabeth Jefferies (verified owner) on

  • I rate this very highly. It removes all make-up and makes your face revitalised.

    Jane Thomson (verified owner) on

  • Gentle but effective. This wonderful product is an essential.

    Carolyn Cavele (verified owner) on

  • Absolutely gorgeous! I use this after my desert rose face wash and it leaves my skin feeling so fresh and clean. It’s also perfectly great to use alone (great for a night away!) and removes every trace of makeup gently and effectively, including around the eyes. As with all your products it love it.

    Caroline Weighill (verified owner) on

  • I like this product as it cleanses my skin perfectly, removing al eye make-up and foundation. Very satisfied.

    June Dandridge (verified owner) on

  • So good highly recommend used it for many years

    Penny Hedley Lewis (verified owner) on

  • From starting with one product, the juniper cleanser which I love, I now have the full Rhodes range. The products are easy to use and last for ages. Rhodes skin care has been a real find for me, long may it continue.
    Louise, Berkshire

    Louise Lobley (verified owner) on

  • Perfect for removing your face make up. Leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

    Kirsty Evans (verified owner) on

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