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The Desert Rose Face Wash

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An ultra-gentle face wash that removes make-up & impurities quickly & effectively without drying your skin.

Active plant cell extracts from the Desert Rose, reinforce cell regeneration and restore skins hydration, improving the epidermis for soft and supple skin.

Enriched with Coeur de Rose essential oil.



Apply to dampened face with fingertips, cloth or sponge.

Use gentle circular movements, massaging over face, avoiding areas immediate to eyes.

Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Use 2 times per day (morning & night).

  • Coconut
  • Desert Rose Plant Cells
  • Rose Oil


About the product

The gel is formulated to achieve a rich and creamy quality lather and contains conditioning and protecting coconut oil.

The formula with the plant cells of Desert Rose restores and maintains hydration by retaining skin’s moisture for 24 – 48 hours. Its hydrating and anti-ageing properties rebuild the hydrolipidic film and improves the dermis to epidermis water transportation system, producing soft & supple skin.

Enriched with Coeur de Rose organic essential oil for a heavenly fragrance.

Rhodes Skincare 37
What's Inside
Coconut skincare ingredient
Provides moisturising and conditioning benefits
Rhodes Skincare 51
Desert Rose Plant Cells
Super-hydrating – rebuilds and improves the hydrolipidic film for soft & supple skin
Customer Reviews
  • Your facial wash and scrub keep my skin calmed and my confidence maintained. It really makes a difference to me, every day. Thankyou so very much

    Sam Butler (verified owner) on

  • I have been using this beautiful face wash for some time now and it certainly does the trick. gently exfoliates the skin leaving it feel silky clean.

    Pamela (verified owner) on

  • I love this face wash and have been using it’s previous incarnation for years as has my daughter. The new version ( in a tube) has a completely different constituency but is equally good . Rating out of 5 is at least 6

    Jean Stevenson (verified owner) on

  • I’ve just used the Desert Rose Face wash. Fabulous consistency and scent. A gorgeous new addition. Well worth the wait! Thank you,

    Vanessa Kent (verified owner) on

  • This face wash is so easy to use and feels really gentle on my skin. You only need a tiny amount so it’s great value too! Leaves my skin feeling fresh dewy and not dry at all. I love it! Smells gorgeous too.

    Caroline Weighill (verified owner) on

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