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Rhodes Skincare are pleased to announce that we won at the Natural Health & Beauty Awards 2022 for three of our products. Here is what the judges had to say…

“I absolutely LOVED this series! The branding is elegant, and I love the practical squeeze and pump bottles. But the best part is there is actual magic inside! The Rosehip & Madonna Lily Exfoliator Mask was incredible. It felt very exfoliating without stripping my face of moisture, and my face felt refreshed afterwards (not dry or tight like other exfoliating masks I’ve tried!). The Juniper Berry Toner smells amazing and it removed any residue of makeup while leaving my skin feeling soft and hydrated. The absolute star of this trio was the Edelweiss Face Rescue. I’ve never tried anything like it! This serum felt like actual satin on my face – it was so silky soft, smooth, and just massaging it felt like a spa experience. I’m sold. Feel like I’ve just had a five-star facial!”

Sensitive skin product range

Our formulations have been expertly crafted to ensure they work effectively on ALL skin types – normal, dry, oily and combination. They also target the skin conditions – ageing, sensitive, congested, dehydrated and sun-damaged.

Sensitive skin needs to be wary of harsh preservatives. We use radish root. All our products are suitable for sensitive skin.

All skin types need protection against air pollution, wind and oxidization.

Rhodes Skincare 37
The Desert Rose Face Wash
Rhodes Skincare 36
The Edelweiss Face Rescue
Rhodes Skincare 34
The Juniper Berry Cleanser, Toner & Eye Makeup
Rhodes Skincare 21
The Madonna Lily & Desert Rose Regenerating Face Oil
Rhodes Skincare 35
The Madonna Lily & Frankincense Hand & Nail Cream
Rhodes Skincare 23
The Orange Skin Food
The Rosehip & Madonna Lily Face Exfoliator + The Desert Rose Face Wash

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